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Giving Back

Our business is built on relationships with our clients, contractors, providers, employees, and the communities in which we live and work.

We take our responsibility to these individuals and communities seriously. We believe assisting with the education of future caregivers and responding to those in need strengthens these relationships and helps secure a brighter future for all.

CareStar believes in giving back to the communities that we serve.  Keep reading to learn some of the ways we’re giving back.

Josephine Walters–CareStar Scholarship

The Josephine Walters–CareStar Scholarship fund provides tuition assistance to nursing students. Scholarships are awarded to applicants who have academically excelled in their individual nursing programs and are in need of additional funding to complete their courses of study. Since its inception in 1993, this fund has distributed more than $500,000 to hundreds of students in need, largely through the donations of employees, friends, partners, and business associates of CareStar.

jws-goodsam9-17-13The CareStar nursing scholarship fund is named in memory of Josephine Walters because her life epitomized the best characteristics of the members of the nursing profession—caring and selfless service to others.

Left a widow during the war year of 1945 with two teenage daughters, one of whom had just recently been paralyzed by polio, Mrs. Walters was forced to make her way in a man’s world decades before the women’s equality movement made such an option easy or fashionable. She went to work and supported her family well while managing to raise both her daughters as a single parent. Absolutely nothing was too good for her family. Mrs. Walters always sacrificed her own time and interests for those of her family, and she did so in a quiet, understated way.

Eventually, Mrs. Walters would be blessed with six grandchildren—one of whom founded CareStar in 1988. Her generosity and gracious spirit extended to these children and grandchildren whom she dearly loved.

Mrs. Walters was blessed with very good health throughout her life. When she finally became ill at the age of 88, she required the care and attention from others. This was difficult to accept. Mrs. Walters did not want to burden or impose upon her family. However, she soon came to realize that allowing others the privilege to care for her in her time of need was just a different way she could continue to serve her loved ones.

Eventually her family could not care for her alone. Home healthcare nurses and aides were called to supplement her care. Mrs. Walters quickly grew to love and depend upon her nursing caregivers and eagerly anticipated their daily visits. These caregivers returned her affection, as they recognized the same qualities in Mrs. Walters that her family and friends had so appreciated.

In memory of Josephine Walters and the many people like her whom nurses serve, the CareStar nursing scholarship fund is proud to provide vital financial assistance to healthcare students in need.

National Multiple Sclerosis Society

photo-1Some of the individuals CareStar serves live with multiple sclerosis (MS). The National MS Society hosts annual Walk MS events, which are among the most recognized and significant fundraising events to support local MS chapters. The Walk MS events typically draw more than 4,000 participants each year who raise funds and awareness for MS. Proceeds from the Walk help the National MS Society provide research, advocacy, education, programs and services, including case management, for people who have MS.

CareStar has maintained a collaborative relationship with the Multiple Sclerosis Society since 2009. We also provide case management services for some of the chapter’s members, focusing on improving each person’s quality of life by adopting a creative approach in meeting their unique needs. Ohio’s Multiple Sclerosis Chapters serve individuals diagnosed with MS, as well as their families and friends, throughout Ohio.

Ms. Wheelchair USA Pageant

2013mswheelchairusa3Women with disabilities are beautiful. The Ms. Wheelchair USA pageant gives women with disabilities the opportunity to feel glamorous and have their turn in the spotlight. Women from all over the United States come to eastern Ohio once a year to showcase who they are, what they believe in and how they contribute to the betterment of their communities through the work they do.

CareStar has been a proud, longtime sponsor of the Ms. Wheelchair USA pageant. We are honored to celebrate the lives and accomplishments of these remarkable women.




Internships and Co-ops

CareStar is a proud preceptor to interns and co-ops from many local universities in nursing, social work, technology, health care administration and other programs.

Since 2014, CareStar has been a corporate partner with DePaul Cristo Rey’s Corporate Work Study Program. This partnership has invested in students with economic need, enabling them to contribute to the cost of their own education while providing them with professional skills and contributing to their future growth as young professionals.

Employers pay a nominal fee per student in grades 9-12 which covers their tuition, uniforms, books and lunch. In exchange, the student works each week for the employer while earning credit for graduation and priceless professional skills giving them the foundation for future careers.

For more information on DePaul Cristo Rey’s Corporate Work Study Program and how you can build success for a student’s future and for our community while benefiting from the immense satisfaction that comes from making a difference from linking commerce to education.