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Ohio’s Home Choice Program is Making Huge Impacts

by Sep 8, 2017General

In a recent release from the Office of Health Transformation, Ohio notes tremendous success with transition services. Since 2008, the Ohio Medicaid HOME Choice Program has helped transition more than 10,000 Ohioans from institutions to home and community-based settings, where they receive long-term services and supports at home and in their communities. Since program inception, through a contract with the Ohio Department of Medicaid, CareStar has been a leader in providing case management services and informative face-to-face visits with Ohioans residing in institutions to facilitate successful transitions to preferred community-based settings. As a statewide provider, CareStar has assisted with over 6,000 of these transitions, supporting individuals in achieving new found independence through the HOME Choice Program.

CareStar Home ChoiceIndividuals enrolled on the HOME Choice Program have long-term, chronic and complex health conditions and disabilities. CareStar’s Assessment Specialists and Case Managers conduct face-to-face assessments to determine level of care, program eligibility and to ensure that the individual’s needs can be safely met in a community setting. The assessments and person-centered service plan development include the individual served, legal guardian, service providers and informal support persons the individual or guardian chooses. The assessments identify the strengths, weaknesses, preferences and needs of individuals, which serve as a resource in developing person-centered service plans. On an ongoing basis, assessments are completed to address the Individual’s care needs and conditions. CareStar works closely with local resources to support a successful transition, allowing individuals to exercise their right to live in the least restrictive setting, as established by the Olmstead Decision.

CareStar has been in business since 1988. In addition to serving individuals enrolled in the HOME Choice Program, CareStar is the only entity that serves all 88 counties with the Ohio Home Care Program. CareStar has a strong and passionate interest in seeing these home and community-based programs grow throughout the State of Ohio in support of decreased costs, improved consumer satisfaction and improved outcomes.

CareStar applauds Ohio in achieving such a major milestone, giving Ohioans with complex health conditions and disabilities a greater choice in where they would like to reside and receive services as an alternative to institutional settings. CareStar’s mission is, “Improving communities by improving lives.” We continue to serve Ohio beneficiaries in all 88 counties in the State of Ohio, taking our mission seriously, and are an integral part of the communities we serve, and know that the communities are healthier because of our services. Visit our website, CareStar.com, for more information on our services in Ohio, Indiana, Georgia and Kentucky.